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Come along for a playful journey as six-year-old twins, Adam and Ava Albright, unravel hot topics facing today’s young children. These inquisitive twins will discover valuable life lessons that will even serve parents well. Immerse yourself in their adventures with relatable illustrations that guide you toward solutions to every day challenges.


These books are a fun and amusing way to capture the attention of children ages 3-8 while tackling issues even adults need to ponder—starting with Adam and Ava Trade Places, the first of many books featuring the adorable and innocent Albright twins.

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Here's a sneak peak at the rest of Betty's books from different genres, including inspirational nonfiction and christian fiction.


Alisa Goode

Professional School Counselor

Memphis, TN

Adam and Ava Trade Places was exciting from the front cover to the back cover. Adam and Ava realized that their decision was not the best. They did not feel good about their actions and decided always to be themselves.
This book is a treat for young children to read and learn a life lesson. 
I loved this story and cannot wait to get my five-year-old grandson a copy of each book in the series.

Glenda Yarbrough

Raleigh Hill Christian Academy


This awesome book, Adam and Ava Trade Places, teaches children morals, honesty, and how important it is to be themselves. Parents know their children better than children know themselves. Adam and Ava show children they can always go to their parents with whatever problems they have. I plan to gift this book to my preschool graduates. I think it will be a #1 bestseller.

Teresa Ward

Dean of Students

Greater Praise Christian Academy Lower School

Adam and Ava Trade Places is a great book about being yourself as discovered through the innocent, but telling fun of twins.

"This book is good. I wanna read it again!"
Holston, age 4

Meet the Team

Our team is on a mission to "save the children" from the influx of negative messages targeting their innocence.

More About Betty and Cassandra's Creative Plan
Watch the Video

Betty asked Cassandra to make Adam and Ava's mommy look like her in the book so that she could have a greater connection with her audience.

As the author, when Betty makes in-person appearances and meets children (as well as adults) to talk about her books, there should be a genuine level of trust. Betty has written these books from her heart to help young children tackle hot topics that may not always be comfortable. Seeing her in person with the same attire hopefully draws the audience closer to her.

These books are mainly written for children ages 3-8, but people of all ages can learn valuable life lessons while enjoying these adventures in a safe, fun, and playful manner. By choosing to wear yellow, Betty hopes when people meet her in person, she will be a ray of sunshine.

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