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The Real Jeter


A message from Betty Collier:


Jeter is the puppy in this book series. That is he (cartoon Jeter) in the bottom right picture. Let me introduce you to the real-life puppy in those other 8 pictures.

Jeter is my grandpuppy, courtesy of my oldest son and daughter-n-love (Jordan & McKenzie.) When I decided to make the main characters 6-year-old twins, I wanted them to have a puppy who would make random appearances throughout the books for a special touch that my audience would instantly connect with. What better "model" for my illustrator, Cassandra Harris, than a real puppy!

So allow me to give a shout out to Cassandra for the fabulously illustrated Jeter Albright who looks just like my very own grandpuppy, Jeter Collier! He will be making cameo appearances in all of these books. Perhaps I will write a book that revolves around him. I'm sure Jeter could also teach us some valuable life lessons.

When the time comes, I think he will even make a few in-person guest appearances to outdoor events along the way. 

And yes, go ahead and say aaawww! He is absolutely the cutest puppy in all the land.

I know other dog families think their fur babies are the best ever. But for the sake of this book series, Jeter is King. I hope the children who fall in love with Adam and Ava books will also fall in love with Jeter.

This page is dedicated to Jeter. Visit it often to discover new videos featuring his real life.

Jeter lives in the south where it typically does not snow. This was his first winter, January 2024.

Somehow Jeter figured out that he can fit under the sofa.

Was he looking for Adam and Ava?

What's Jeter Doing
for His 1st Birthday?

Jeter got Sweet Talks (squeaker toys) and the zoomies. What would he have done with real candy?

YouTube selects thumbnails for their shorts, and we can't change it.

This really is Jeter's BIRTHDAY VIDEO.

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